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a long-awaited move to make your next trip on the beltway easier about is to open. >> we are live on 495 as crews put the final touches on the new express lanes set to get rolling tomorrow. >> one week to the day he admitted to an affair, general david petraeus will go before congress to testify about events leading up to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. good morning to you. it is straight up 6:00. live look right now at the washington monument. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm sarah simmons. we have an update concerning an
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amber alert we have told but all morning long. police are still looking for 1- month-old alexis rose carlisle. we have just learned that police have located the vehicle they thought she was in and one of the adults she was with. authorities tell us they have found eric eugene black but jennifer dawn carlisle and the toddler are still missing. if you have any information in this case, call virginia state police or call 911. this is also more information on our web site, time now to turn things over to tucker barnes. >> good morning. a decent friday. we have a little cloud cover out there this morning and some cold temperatures. later today, low to mid others. a little warmer than yesterday and should be plenty of sunshine here by late morning. a little cloud cover to start your day and a few showers as well south and east of the city. most of that is not touching the ground and it looks a little gloomy out there but just out to our west, out
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towards charlottesville, we'll have clear skies and i would expect that by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 this morning, most of us would be getting sunshine. here are your cold temperatures. 42 at reagan national. high temperature today, we'll go three or four degrees warmer than yesterday. 51 at qawbt i coand 51 the winning number in annapolis and leonardtown. so a decent friday and good looking weekend. >> so nice, it got you all choked up. >> it does. -- 51 at quantico. >> happy friday, julie. >> friday indeed. let's say good morning to the crew in sky fox. i know they're bundled up up there. jeremy has his little winter coat on because it is kind of chilly outside. lanes are open, no issues reported traveling eastbound out of manassas. traffic running smoothly as you continue past 50 headed eastbound towards 123. a nice, easy start for those
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traveling between annandale and merrifield right now. we'll update the ride on the outer loop of the beltway involving a car into a utility pole. verile delay making your way past the scene. both 95 and 259 quiet as you continue southbound between bwi manned the beltway. m street here at the key bridge as we've been keeping a close eye on this work zone. it has been out there since before we started the show at 4:30 this morning. we have put some steel plates over the road where they've been busy doing some works. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. as you know, we are approaching and histothe capita starting tomorrow, the 495 express lanes will open in virginia. >> to use them, you will have to pay a toll or have a minimum amount of passengers in your
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vehicle. sherry ly has everything you need to know. >> reporter: this is a soft launch for the express lanes. they open tomorrow. come monday, when drivers in these lanes over here are stuck in gridlock, can you drive over here in the express lanes for a smooth ride but at a price. the express lanes, two in each direction, run 14 miles from springfield to the american legion bridge. drivers will need an e-zpass to use the lanes. the cost will depend on when you drive, how far and how many others are using lanes too. with prices going up as more people use it. the congestion pricing is supposed to keep the number of cars down so that traffic keeps moving at 45 miles per hour. translation, it will be most expensive during rush hour with the average trip costing between $5 and $6 although it could go higher. now, carpoolers with three or more people will drive for free
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but must have the new e-zpass flex transponders for paying the toll. another big certain is what is going to happen at the american legion bridge. is it going to end up in just another gridlock as the lanes end going into maryland. the big test for that will come on monday touring the morning rush hour. we've got more of what you need to know on our web site, back to you. >> thank you. in our other top stories now, a parade in west texas to honor wounded warriors turns tragic when a train slammed their float killing four. 17 others were hurt and this morning, six are still in the hospital. union pacific says the train blared its horn right before it
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hit the flatbed truck. the parade was supposed to end in a banquet and hunting trip for the vets which were canceled last night. closer to home a bowie state university student found not guilty in the death of her roommate. alexis simpson was accused of killing her roommate dominique frasier. all seven charges against her dropped. the jury believing simpson acted in self-defense when she said she accidentally stabbed frasier in the neck. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, the future of a come that make some of america's favorite foods from twinkies to wonder bread is on the line this morning. general david petraeus will be on the hill to answer questions. we'll be right back. 
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we are following several developing stories this morning. first, general david petraeus will testify today on the events leading up to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. petraeus is consider awed central figure in the proceedings but questions were raised about whether he could still testify after resigning as head of the cia last week after admitting to an affair with his biographer. president obama will meet with bipartisan leadership of congress this morning to discuss the fiscal cliff. it comes ahead of another meeting with several civil rights organizations and other advocacy groups. the president will meet with leaders from the naacp and aarp among others. the reverend al sharpton will also be there. president obama is pushing for a plan to cut the deficit that will include tax increases on the wealthy. a conflict between israel and palestinians in the gaza strip is now threatening to escalate into a ground war as the israeli army is moving troops to the border this morning. in the last couple of days, hamas militants fired up to 500
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rock nets israel and israel's prime minister is warning of a significant widening of the operation. israel is now gathering tanks and troops and armoredpersonle. a local high school principal is on leave after she was accused of assault. the company that makes so many of the jump foods that america loves could be reaching the enof the line. we are back in a moment. time is 6:is 1. -- so many of the junk foods. -- time is 6:11. 
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how far will people go to relieve their sore throat?
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. it's really ugly lately. as congressional leaders and the president meet for the first time face to face this morning, at the white house, what can be done? what can we expect? it's probably not to much. it's probably the start of marathon negotiations with an 11th hour deal coming to prevent that fiscal cliff that take effect in january. so, they will probably both present their sides and then in future discussions maybe start to compromise but nobody is optimistic and markets speaking right now we aren't optimistic because we are down again in the premarket. >> yeah and that fiscal cliff aside here. we will have to look and see what happens and hopefully positive news. thank you so much. >> all right.
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>> have a good weekend. >> all right. still ahead. the redskins haven't been doing great and the eagles haven't as well. this sunday they go face to face. hear what they are saying ahead of the game. first good news for drivers along a busy stretch of the beltway. what's happening that will make your next trip easier. ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up."
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. we continue to follow breaking news about an amber alert. missing are an 18-month-old and her mother. they were last seen yesterday afternoon in the south central part of the state. the girl was known to be wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans and a pink jacket.
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they witness missing with this man. police have received a tip. . they say it's possible the child and their mother were dropped off up here. if you have information, if you have seen them call the state police or 911. there is also more information on the website. >> all right. talk about weather. hey. >> hey. going to be a good-looking friday. got a little bit of cloud cover and sprinkles. once we get that out sun and slightly warmer temperatures. >> okay. >> mid50s. >> that's comfortable. >> warmer on friday. you can't go wrong. >> friday -- let's do to. cloud cover and a couple light showers, generally south and east for washington.
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this particular radar aggressive in what is falling. most isn't touching the ground but down toward colonial beach, toward oxford and cambridge. all that lifting off to the north and east and will wind down shortly. out toward the west, we are already getting clear skies, shortly, after sunrise we should see a nice return to bright sunny afternoon. temperatures cool, 42 right now at regan national. it's in the low 30s north and west. temperatures in winchester. after a cold start, temperatures will bottom out in the 30s later tonight with an afternoon high in the low to mid50s. there you go. 54 in town. 51 annapolis and upper 40s authority and west. >> thank you. let's check in with julie. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit buy a
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>> all right. on the roads, eastbound 66 has been the big hang up. traveling inbound from 28 centerville heading eastbound toward the parkway. the current sky fox still above the scene. three cars involved in this crash this have been cleared, the lanes are open but delays continuing toward centerville. traffic slows at 123. i just got off the phone with vdot. they are trying to secure the plate. that's what she said along canal road and it looks like they have just clears the way. they were having trouble trying to secure this plate where they were busy doing work. all of the activity is cleared. the lanes are open as well as leading m street out of georgetown. no problems accuse cross the key bridgew. will continue on the other side of town with lanes open. no issues reported southbound on 270 but drive starting to stack up as you work south from
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85 into german town almost a 20 minute ride. >> all right. now to a traffic alert in virginia. its been five-years in the works. >> the 495 set to open tomorrow. sherry lee is live with everything you need to know. good morning. >> good morning. we have seen throughout the morning test cars going back and forth along the express lanes. they are testing out the tolling equipment getting ready to launch the start of the express lanes. they are separated from the other lanes along the beltway. they run for 14 miles from springfield to the american legion bridge. driver also drivers will get to test it out themselves. the average trip is expected to cost five to six dollars. you will need the easy pass.
6:34 am
carpoolers with three or more can use them for free but needs to use the easy pass with the flex transponder. the more cars using the lanes the higher the price. to limit the number of vehicles and keep the traffic moving. >> before every entry point you will see two pricing signs. that will give you prices to three places. the bottom price is the maximum you could pay to go the furtherrest from that point. that's absolutely your most accurate price but there are pricing tolls on the 495's website. >> reporter: the big test will come during rush hour on monday morning. the soft launch over the weekend will give driver s a few days to test them out and get used to them. >> for more of what you need
6:35 am
to know. >> all right. thank you. our top stories, a verdict in the case of a louis state university student. alexis simpson was found not guilty in the stabbing death. she cleared -- of all seven charges. she pleaded self-defense saying she accidently stabbed her roommate after the two fought over music. simpson said several attempts to complain to the university about her roommate weren't answered. >> this morning general david petraeus will testify about libya. he is considered a central figure in the proceedings but questions were raised about whether he could ill testify after resigning. after admitting to an affair. >> time for the morning line and look at what the redskins are facing this sunday against
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the eagles. the numbers aren't exactly in their favor when it comes to their rookie quarterback. the skins are lost to the last eight they faced back in 2005. they have a chance to change that this sunday against the eagles new face. they are using a new approach, fresh off the bye week looking at the last seven games almost like a new season. he has been struggling. so what does the team think is the biggest concern this weekend? >> to me i think it's the big play. if you let them hit a big play and a quick strike then they can kill you. if you force them to snap it again and again and give them a chance to make mistakes, that is something we have to try to use. >> the offense won't change. it'll come out. they will give you different
6:37 am
personal groupings, they will run a lot of different things and you have to be able to with stand the onslaught early. then you settle in. >> already. our coverage of the redskins game sunday starts at 11:00 a.m. with redskins game time. kickoff is at one at fedex field. >> all right. good luck. >> coming up next edward, bella and their little girl are on the big screen. >> breaking dawn part two hits theaters this weekend. we have the take on the long awaited release as the news continues. u
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fans have been waiting a while so will breaking dawn part two deliver in movie reviewer kevin mccarthy with 106.7 the fandowns us now. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> these are big movies we have to talk about today. >> huge. >> everybody is going to want
6:41 am
to know what your take is. the twilight saga, part two. what did you think of this one? everybody is going to go see them. >> but this is a movie for people who also get dragged to the twilight films as well. it is really good. this series has made over $2.5 billion worldwide. this is the fifth film. supposed to be the final film. you never know if they'll do spinoffs. this is the final film in the book series. this is the perfect way to send the audience off. i feel like they really focused on giving the audience the best end possible. this is there is a massive, massive surprise, a huge twist that does not exist in the book and i saw the film with about 80% twilight fans and they were having heart attacks in the theater. it is so much fun to watch it with an audience. i mean the fans go absolutely crazy. i will say this. over the years, even the harry
6:42 am
potter films, i loved those movies but i felt the ending between voled mart and harry was a little bit anticipate climactic. that battle scene should have been 30 minutes long this. particular movie, they give you a sendoff. the chemistry is great. the first 30 minutes, the effects are a little bit cheesy. i felt like when she is running through the trees and fitting the deer, that stuff was a little bit cheesy. it looked kind of bad for a film that should have cost with a more to make. it's fun movie, a cultural phenomenon. i think that edward and bella, their relationship, you've grown to like them as a couple on screen. i think the film does a great job. it allows the audience to have i great sendoff. >> what about a lot of kids that seem to get into the movie. do you think it is appropriate to take kids? >> this is one of the more hard pg-13 films that i've seen. there are a lot of decap degrees in the film. >> that might be a problem.
6:43 am
>> but here is how they get around it. there is no blood. it is very minimal blood. so can you show -- they show the violence but if there is no blood there, you don't get the r rating. that is what the directsor was telling mee. that is what happened with bill kill when he turned the scene black and white, no blood. it is definitely a harder pg-13 so don't take the little ones to see it. >> did you give it? >> i gave it a 3 1/2 out of five. i would say this is best, then eclipse, then twilight breaking down and new moon was terrible. all that was bella falls off a motorcycle and gets hurt and taylor lautner walks up and says let me take my shirt off and you'll feel better. >> i always say this wrong.
6:44 am
>> anna karenina. this is the 12th adaptation of the book by tolstoy, the 12th. this is 19th century russia. russia. it's love story. it's great story but what the director has done is he is telling it like a stage play. the majority of the film is shot on an actual stage so. when you are watching it and we have this cool clip here, i'll show you shortly. it is shot just like -- you have the video. look at the camera there. watch the set pieces being moved into frame. that is actually how the movie looks in front of the camera. there are people just moving set pieces and then here comes jude law. he will sit down at that table. >> do you like that?
6:45 am
>> it is distracting. >> to quote a song, it's beautiful disaster it is a film that looks gorgeous but it takes away from the story. you focus too much on the process as opposed to engaging in the performance. i think it's film you can watch visually but i had a hard time connecting to the characters. i think it's good matinee with a lot of oscar buzz for it right now. >> that is what i was wondering. >> jude law is fantastic if the film. i feel like the movie could have been less focused on the process and more focused on the story. and this morning, coming unat 8:45, we have a one-on-one exclusive sit-down with my buddy robert pat inson right there. i asked him if they could drop the twilight cast into any classic film of all time
6:46 am
whooshing would they -- who would they have the best time with. his answer was the best answer i've gotten on any junket. >> okay. >> so tune it. >> i've got one more question. you promise the special effects are better. >> oh, the special effects in this one -- the first one hay terrible budget. first couple. it was like an episode of the flintstones. >> i want to pay money to sit in the theater this weekend and watch the fans' reaction of surprise. it is awesome. >> i wanted to know if he asked robert pattinson about that whole break-up thing. i don't care about the movie. i want to know about the drama. >> me too. >> all right. >> weather, we're starting cold but we'll finish the day with sunshine and temperatures in the mid others t will be a nice afternoon. 4 # right now in washington. here we go. -- 42 right now in washington. 32 in frederick. we are 31 in hagerstown. 30 the winning number in winchester. good morning to you.
6:47 am
30 in martinsburg as well. and low 40s here to the south. quantico, 43. 42 in fredericksburg. looking at the radar, couple of showers south and east of the city. southern maryland, st. mary's city may be getting a shower and across the bay over towards oxford and as you get up towards cambridge, a light sprinkle. all this pushing off to the north and east with a weak little upper level disturbance that has been coming through. notice the trend here is to pull the clouds up toward philadelphia and new york and we've got clear skies out to the west. if you look out the window here shortly you will see us quickly transition here from some cloud cover to mostly sunny conditions as the sun gets up. it should be a beautiful day. high pressure will build in here and deliver a nice couple of days. at the surface, high pressure will keep things nice and quiet. we'll be a little cool with our winds out of the north and northeast both today and
6:48 am
tomorrow. a decent looking weekend. sundays now looking pretty good. 54 today. winds here out of north at five to 10 as that area of high pressure stays just to our north and your accu-weather seven-day forecast, weekend looks good. temperatures mid others saturday and sunday. early next week, if you are traveling, tuesday or wednesday, quiet conditions across the mid-atlantic and a sneak peek at thanksgiving, upper 50s, sunshine, perfect if you want to go out and play a little football before the big meal. should be fine. we are looking great for thanksgiving right now. >> great. >> still a week away though so. >> yes,. >> it is tony perkins. >> hello, hello. good morning, everybody. guess what it is time for. >> ask stoney and tucker. the most popular segment in morning television except for kevin mccarthy's movie reviews. today's question is from shawn. that is the only name we have who simply want to know how did they come up with the names of
6:49 am
the week or the names of the days of the week. i think we left something out there. how did they come up with the names of the days of the week. >> wednesday, thursday, friday. >> do you have any clues? >> i don't. i really don't. >> greek history. i don't know. >> close. >> good guess, wisdom. >> the names of the days of the week were originally -- they were originally named -- thousands of years ago, they were named by the ancients, the saxons and the force. >> the early vikings. >> they were hanging on the and checking out the stars because they didn't have television. >> no movies. >> that is how things got started, right? >> now, back when they started naming the days of the week, they could -- there were no telescopes and they would look
6:50 am
at the sky and everything. they could see with the naked eye five planets. they also back then thought that the sun and the moon were planets as well. they included those. so they saw in their mind seven planets. and so they decided well let's name these days after the planets. >> society first one makes sense, sunday. what was that named after. >> monday,. >> the moon. >> right. tuesday was named after -- i knew i would lose this. do you remember? >> the force god tiw. >> yes. the norce god was name tiw and
6:51 am
it became tuesday day. wednesday is from the god woden. >> these are good names for future children by the way, woden. >> woden was the equivalent of mercury because it moved very quickly around the sky as if on winged feet. so that was wednesday. thursday, can you think about greek -- or norse mythology. >> from the marvel comic. >> thor. >> now, friday is kind of an exception. friday was named after a goddess of love. there is debate. there are a couple of different ones, both start with an f. there is kind of debate as to which one it was named after although there are some indication that the two goddesses of love were actually just one and they somehow became two people at one point. >> too much love to go around. >> so that is what friday is named after. tucker, saturday?
6:52 am
>> and name in honor of saturn, right? >> gosh. i never knew this. >> interesting. so how about that. it is actually rather simple with the exception of some confusion about friday. but there you go. >> they could have done us a favor if they had made like a four-day week and then two of those days could be off and we would only have to work two days. >> what? >> i mean the cop september of seven days is arbitrary, right? >> as is much of what we take for granted every day. time. >> friday, it makes sense why we love it. >> goddess of love. quite right. there you go. so, there you go. thank you very much for the question, shawn. if you have a question that you want to have answered, all you need to do is go to click on the weather tab. this is the second appearance of they might be giants in the last week or so. i think our producer likes they mite be giants. >> i think she does too.
6:53 am
>> all right. got to go. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> and the song is i wirve i was a giant instead of being so short. the crew in sky fox has been hovering over 66. -- i wish i ways giant instead of being so short -- i wish i was a giant instead of being show short. >> this should be green arrow line lane. this is what is blocked. as you continue unbound from industry antia, this is what we're looking at -- as you continue inbound from vienna, this is what we're looking it. it is the green arrow lane that remains blocked. for those traveling in virginia, we have yet another crash to report. this time around, it will be northbound backlick road to edsall road. stay to the left to get by. trip north on i-95 still well above speed headed up towards potomac mills. the pace drops to 40 miles per
6:54 am
hour continuing across the occoquan. 36miles per hour headed up to the beltway. from 58 out of germantown, a 20- minute drive and the pass improves out of gaithersburg and rockville headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have an update now on that amber alert. it started in halifax, virginia. we have abeen talking about it all morning long and we told but it earlier this hour. >> we are also told that the baby, the missing baby and the mother have been found in prince george's county. we'll have more details on this coming up at 7:00. >> good that they're safe and sound hopefully. how this is for a head start on your holiday decorating. >> buy your tree already decked out by the experts and help local charities at the same time holly morris is live in falls church with more on how you can make that happen. we'll tell you all about it when we come back.
6:55 am
in the people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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6:57 am
>> reporter: it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.
6:58 am
at least where i am. good morning, i'm holly morris and i'm live where the junior league is getting ready for its 12th annual enchanted forest fundraiser. 130 plus christmas trees bid on these and in , and you doing so, if you win, the money raised will help support the programs that the junior league of northern virginia supports which in most part has to do with kids in need. we're going to talk about that this morning. we're also going to get tips on decorating our own trees and look at a tree that a designer has decorated. it's about more than just trees. we have santa here, musical performers, cooking classes for kids and adults. we'll give you all the information you need to know so you can come out this weekend. santa is following me. he was with me yesterday, and now he's here today. i swear i've been good this
6:59 am
year. >> he's with you everywhere you go. thanks, holly. >> that does it for us here. time to send it over to -- >> we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. >> i'm going to be quiet now. >> you're fine. excited to hand it over to tony and allison. first, congratulations to kathy otey. she is looking for work right now and kathy watches fox 5 every morning, every day and says being the fan will be a great pick me up. here you go, kathy and good luck in your job search. >> keep hope alive. don't give up. >> that's it for the 6:00 hour. >> now over to tony and allison. >> happy friday to both of you. coming up, a little girl kidnapped, found a short time ago in our area. breaking developments. >> the former head of the cia is

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